Our Value Proposition
Aerial view of the new projects

Aerial view of the new projects

Our value proposition

Value proposition

Our commitment is to serve as your faithful ally in the construction of your future home, with the commitment that it will be delivered in time and within the standards of quality, safety and comfort in the constant search for customer satisfaction in the purchase of your first living place.


For this project, the team introduced new home building technologies that have resulted in a 100% increase in production efficiency.

One of the most unique aspects of IMPACT HOUSING´s construction method has played a critical role in increasing production and quality and will likely revolutionize home building in this part of the world.
Standard practice in Panama is to use masonry blocks to build structures for the home. In addition to being very labor intensive, the method leaves a fairly large margin of error when it comes to squaring corners standarized door and window openings, skewed floor finishes, etc.

Aware of these setbacks, we have invested in the purchase of 2 prefabricated aluminum molds in which a pure concrete casting is made in the exact dimensions of the housing designs. These custom-built systems take two hours to assemble, pump with concrete and smooth for three hours, and place overnight to the point where they are removed the next day and put back in for another pour.
This allows the project to be completely homogenized, allowing all the accessories and finishes to fit perfectly square, thus guaranteeing a high-quality product for each and every one of the end users.


We regularly expand the range of services to make our customers feel comfortable.

Cosmetic repairs

from $150 / m²
  • Plastering of walls;
  • Replacement of lamps;
  • Floor sanding;
  • Painting the facade.
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Major repairs

from $270 / m²
  • Dismantling of old coatings;
  • Replanning;
  • Replacement electrician;
  • Laying tiles.
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House construction

from $540 / m²
  • Registration of documents;
  • Foundation filling;
  • Construction of walls;
  • Finishing works.
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Design project

from $380 / m²
  • Analysis of your needs;
  • Creating a 3D project;
  • The selection of furniture;
  • The finish work.
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Log house

from $190 / m²
  • Selection of location;
  • Creating a layout;
  • Tree selection;
  • House construction.
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Frame house

from $850 / m²
  • Choosing the best solution;
  • Making a guarantee;
  • Free delivery;
  • The finish work.
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Garbage disposal

from $100 / m²
  • House cleaning;
  • Garbage collection in yard;
  • Burying of ditches and pits;
  • Garbage disposal.
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Quality Policy

The company´s quality policy is to guarantee confidence in a functional design and peace of mind in the implementation of the best construction practices to its clients, providing a high quality real estate service, in order to exceed expectations, through the administrative, operational and sales, achieving the strengthening of the organization.

Social Responsibility

Our projects are considered a comprehensive urban system that has planned commercial areas and sports/leisure spaces, spaces for schools and kinder gardens, internal transportation network systems for the comfort of the community, green areas with reforestation plans in development.

Thermal insulation
from $75 / m²

Thermal insulation

Replacement and improvement of thermal insulation in your home or apartment. Installation of a floor or air heating system according to modern technologies and quality standards.

Installing windows
from $190 / m²

Installing windows

We will help you choose suitable Windows by type of material. We install only high-quality double-glazed Windows from leading brands. Install the Windows carefully and do not leave any garbage behind.

Installation door
from $235 / m²

Installation roof

We have many years of experience installing roofs. We offer our clients a wide range of materials, both traditional and innovative. We will install the cover in a short time and reliably.

Fireplace construction
from $280 / m²

Fireplace construction

We will develop an individual project with a fireplace according to your wishes. We’ll take care of all the documents. We will make a hole in the roof and install your new fireplace, and remove all the garbage.

House foundation
from $400 / m²

House foundation

We will develop the project and settle all questions about the documents. We will prepare a plot for strengthening the land. We will build a reliable Foundation that will last for many years and will be resistant to earthquakes.

Installation roof
from $235 / m²

Installation roof

We have many years of experience installing roofs. We offer our clients a wide range of materials, both traditional and innovative. We will install the cover in a short time and reliably.




La Reserva

La propiedad en Santiago, Vía el Anón ofrece suficiente área para más de 1,700 lotes de viviendas, Dividido en aproximadamente 10 etapas, entre los proyectos Los Sueños de Santiago y La Reserva.

La Reserva 1 cuenta con un inventario de 162 casas de las cuales el 87% están vendidas (141) y 69% (112) Entregadas. Contará con una etapa 2 la cual está en diseño y planifica y posiblemente cuente con alrededor de 140 casas más disponibles para futura venta.

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Los Sueños de Santiago

Los Sueños de Santiago se han convertido en un éxito inmediato en el área, vendiendo por completo todo su inventario de las tres primeras fases; Etapa 1 (138 casa), Etapa 2 (173 casas), Etapa 3 (163 casas); es decir, 474 viviendas en muy poco tiempo. Las etapas 4, 5 y 6 de Sueños de con un inventario adicional de 500 viviendas de las cuales aproximadamente el 40% (200) ya se encuentran vendidas e iniciadas en un 40% su construcción. El 90% de estas viviendas aplican al Bono Solidario del MIVI, es decir cuentan con el beneficio de $10,000 de abono inicial por parte del Gobierno por ser su primera vivienda.

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Los Sueños de Sona

Los Sueños de Soná, se dividió en 3 etapas: Etapa 1 (132 casas), Etapa 2 (72 casas) y etapa 3 (103 casas); en las cuales se construyeron más de 307 viviendas todas de Interés social que aplicaban al Bono Solidario del MIVI de las cuales el 100% se han entregado y vendido

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Our Value Proposition

Responsible and safe construction within reach of your dreams.


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